General Manager's  Message

The Jordanian Armed Forces- Arab Army (JAF) have the highest level of professionalism and commitment to the instructions issued by the General Command of JAF represented by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Therefore it is a source of pride of His Majesty, King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army.

SCC is the technical arm of JAF & the security agencies where it is considered one of the leading entity in the field of communications and information technology, we in the SCC work side by side with Jordanian armed forces and the security agencies to deliver the best communication services, also we always seek to improve and modernize our communication networks according to the highest international standards. To achieve this; SCC has specialized technical teams which are capable of keeping pace with the technological development in this field.

For SCC, border security is one of our top priorities. Where SCC contributes to providing them with the latest secure and encrypted communications, as well as electronic protection and surveillance systems. SCC role is not only limited to provide them with communications, but also to maintain these systems to ensure their effective work which helps in strengthen Jordan's internal security and reduce threats on the border.

Also, SCC is a strategic partner of many governmental agencies and the private sector, where SCC has implemented many national projects in cooperation with the private sector in addition to providing them with telecommunications services in remote areas which are not covered by the commercial communications.